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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  August 14, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage. this is the 10:00 news. >> only on two, shocking video of a mugging on the streets of san francisco and tonight the victim says the ruse used by his attacker. >> he said he was arriving home from work when a man approached asking for directions. moments later he is being beaten, kicked and robbed. only on two tonight. ktvu's amber lee live in mission terrace near the intersection of mission where a video recorded video of a crime in progress. >> the beating happened down this street. we tracked down the victim and he described the attack. >> reporter: it was 5:30
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yesterday evening. a man punched the 35-year-old, went through his pockets and tick kicked him. in limited english he said its left him nervous. >> i have two sons, my wife, never had a lot of problem here . >> reporter: he is a restaurant cook. he showed us his forehead. he said he needed seven stitches. he said he was sitting in his suv when the suspect approached and asked for directions. instead the man struck him in the face, a neighbor who asked us not to identity her said she saw the attack and called the police. >> when he tried to lock the door or pull up the window the guy pulled them from -- and started hitting him. i was shocked. i was scared. . >> reporter: he told us he tried to defend himself but the suspect ran to the other received the -- the other side
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of the car. the suspect caught him, beat him and stole his wallet. the witness said her father is the man seen here trying to chase the suspect. neighbors say they are now extra careful. >> very upsetting, very nerve- wracking. makes you nervous, you don't want to freak out every minute. >> couldn't go to work. >> no. >> reporter: when will you probably be back? >> i don't know. maybe next week. the police captain overseeing the district said that officers are patrolling the area hoping to make an arrest. reporting live. amber lee. >> we have learned that san francisco police are investigating a report of possible sexual assault at the outside land's music festival this past weekend. they say three women have come forward saying they feel like
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they may have been drugged and assaulted. investigators say that it doesn't seem that the incidents are relate because they happened at different locations and the descriptions of the men in each case are different. the police say they have done testing and are awaiting the results. anyone with information is asked to call police. in nine minutes, new information in the case of a 5- year-old shot and killed can right in front of his family. the video and suspect sketches that police shared with us today as they try to solve the case. >> to the continuing coverage of the two fires burning east of clear lake. we tell you cal fire is reporting substantial progress tonight. it said the fires are now 60% contained and the vast majority of homes are no longer threatened. officials estimate the two fires have consumed 7,000 acres in lake county and across the county line. eric is live in lake county where he heard from a grateful homeowner tonight. >> reporter: of course two
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homes were destroyed but i talked to one woman who thinks it could have been worse. you see just about everything is burned, charred on this received highway 20. tonight a few firefighters keeping their eye on hot spots, this is the one we are showing you here. the majority holding tight on the other side of the ridge. as the sunset fire continued creeping down this hill along highway 20. in less than 24 hours, firefighters say they have made human gains, doubling their containment of the fire from 30 to 60%. >> they did a wonderful job. i just -- i'm glad it's over. >> reporter: margo was among the 480 allowed to go home last night. she and her dog buddy had to evacuate sunday as flames burned up to her driveway and nearly surrounded the home she lived in since 1956. >> i thought sure that i would get back and would never -- wouldn't have a house.
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i can't thank them enough. >> reporter: for the more than 12,000 working it the job isn't finished. they are still fighting flames on the west flavor and will stay on around the clock until it's contained. >> they want to make sure it doesn't go anywhere its not supposed to. we have almost built a box around the fire and want to hold it insaid that box. >> reporter: firefighters returned to the home when a hot spot started today. >> they were here all day. >> reporter: she is grateful the worst appears to be over. the update tonight, also included a report of six firefighters injured but the extent of the injuries is unknown. live in lake county. >> more details, lake county air quality officials say they issued a moderate to unhealthy air quality alert for tomorrow. they say the forecast indicates
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southwest winds will push the smoke away from the clear lake basin tomorrow. >> now to bill martin on the changing conditions that are allowing firefighters to get the upper hand. >> the winds, on shore winds coming out of the southwest that are trying to cool things off, will make things nicer or easier for firefighters in to tomorrow. these are the current conditions, near a couple of the fires, 82 degrees right now, just south by the y fire, 85 degrees north by the walker fire. look at the humidities though, that's a good dose of moisture in the atmosphere. that's helpful. here is how the forecast goes. tomorrow morning about 8:00 up to 90 but the humidity around 30%. by lunchtime about 23% in the afternoon back to 18%. these numbers, 97-degree forecast high tomorrow. about ten degrees cooler than yesterday. we are looking for a cooldown, increased moisture and better firefighting conditions for the fire in the north bay. when i come back we will talk
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about this cooldown and how it pertains to your forecast in your neighborhood. see you back in just a few. >> the operators of the state power grid are dropping their flex alert as temperatures begin to let up. a week long heat wave across much of california had prompted operators to issue several flex alerts. they were asking people to reduce electric use, especially when demand is high in the late afternoon and early venge. customers made a great effort to reduce energy use and that helped maintain a reliable power supply. >> another refinery emergency brought hazmat crews to a shell plant this afternoon and prompted a shelter in place. today's incident follows a small fire at the refinery just yesterday. >> reporter: as hazmat crews arrived at the refinery we caught the smoke and flames. in this video you can see the flares. people nearby say they could smell it. >> i don't know where it was
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coming from but it was a strong odor and a bass. >> reporter: part of the refinery was evacuated and dozens of workers waited out received hazmat crews say it was so strong it traveled in to their facility a half mile away. >> could smell it. we could seat flare. they were having a problem isolating the situation. we decided to go to a level 2 advisory. >> reporter: that lasted until about 3:00 p.m. warning people with asthma or sensitive lungs to shelter in place. a pressure relief valve got stuck in the open position. shell officials shut down the section to prevent the situation from getting worse and let the excess gas burn off. >> we thought it would be best to just shut it down. the substance was a propane, butan mix similar to what you would find in the barbecue. >> a spokesman said that today's gas leak is not related to yesterday's fire. hazmat officials have asked
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shell to submit a report by friday and say the company could face fines from the air quality board. the good thing is that nobody was hurt. in martinez. >> in six minutes new details on last week's fire at the chevron refinery. the new photographs and the video investigators are looking at closely. >> in san jose police are investigating the city's third shooting in two days, officers say a man was shot around 2:30 on south winchester boulevard near david avenue. they say that the victim is a latino in his 20s. he was shot at least once but he is expected to survive. at this point no arrests have been made. the shooting just one day after two other shootings. also in san jose an arrest has been made following the stabbing death of a woman last flight. police have not named the suspect but say it's a 37-year- old plan from san jose. officers say he attacked a
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homeless woman near the walgreens on san carlos. business owners in san jose are on edge overall the gang violence in the downtown area and police say that they are aware of the problem. >> those merchants are correct. if you let it get out of hand they will come in and set up shop. >> reporter: the concerns come as san jose wrapped up a two day forum with the justice -- department of justice. police chief said that the downtown area will soon get special attention to deal with its gang problems. >> new, friends and family gathered to remember an aoakland woman injured by a motorcycle this past weekend. a vigil was held at the intersection of market and west mcarthur to remember robin faulkner. she was struck and killed when she ran in to the street in to the path of a chp officer as he rode his motorcycle down the west oakland street. >> it's a quiet night.
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plus, it gives you these key benefits. new crest pro-health clinical rinse. crest. life opens up when you do. also try new crest pro-health clinical plaque control toothpaste. in the people, businesses, and organizations that call the bay area home. whether it's helping a nonprofit provide safe, affordable housing within the city, supporting an organization that's helping kids find jobs and stay in school, or financing the expansion of a local company that's creating healthier workplaces, what's important to the people of the bay area is important to us. and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. . a utah meat packing company is recalling thousands of pounds of beef over fear that it's contaminated with e-coli.
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the company is recalling over 38,000 pounds of beef. the meat in question was shipped to california and utah in bulk packages. we made several calls to local grocery store chains to see if they have any of it but our calls weren't returned. for more information about the recalled products log on to the website and then click on web links. >> new information about a 5- year-old boy gunned down in front of his family's taco truck. a break-in the case tonight that we told you about at six. rita has surveillance video and sketches police released today. >> he grab my leg. . >> reporter: one gun shot and his son and name sake,
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gabreille martinez junior, just five-years old, died. >> over here. >> reporter: the horror happened in front of his hard working mother and father at family's taco truck at international and 55th avenue. now finally a break. >> this is the first time we are releasing this. >> reporter: police showed me this video of the get away car they say the shooter left in that night. police say the car was a 2006 to 2009 silver chevy malibu. >> you have no question but that the shooter is in that car. >> that's what we believe. >> reporter: now look at this. police just released to me a sketch of the man witnesses say killed the boy. an african american man in his 20s, six feet tall, 160-pounds, with after without glasses. >> we want to remove that person from the community. we don't want this to happen again. >> reporter: they say the sheet left in the car with a woman who looked like this. african american 20 to 25, 5'7'', 130-pounds, dark hair. >> it tugs on everybody's
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heart strings. i get -- it gets in to the gut of everything. >> reporter: police say they don't know if the killing was on purpose but they are offering a 25,000-dollar reward to find the killer of this little boy. in oakland. rita williams. >> more details on this case. police have set up a tip line for information. the investigator wants to solve this case to bad he wants us to give us his e-mail address. it's there on the screen. you can find the information on the website as well. >> now back to the continuing coverage of that massive chevron refinery fire last week. investigators from the united states chemical safety board released new photographs showing the damaged area of the refinery. the site remains off limits in part because overhead steel beams warped in the heat of the fire and are unstable. investigators say surveillance
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video shows employees with in a large vapor cloud that covered the area two minutes before it started. >> was a serious conner if that cloud would have started -- sooner it would have been a more serious incident with a very -- at the very least potentially serious, burning and possible deaths. >> reporter: according to the san francisco chronicle investigators say it's possible that the cloud was started by an idling chevron fire truck but the cause of the ignition may never be known. on the website we have a slide show of those photograph that were released toyed. just look for the photographs tab on the front page. >> more than nine thousand people have been treated at hospital emergency rooms since the fire at the refinery. most went to the hospital in richmond and and in san pablo. the figures don't include people seen outside of emergency rooms. chevron promises to pay for
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medical expenses related to the fire. gas prices being impacted already. take a look. the spike in san jose, a $4.13, up from last week. one month ago it was $3.71. >> it turns out a statewide computer problem that slowed service at dmv wasn't what state officials first thought it was. our crews found longer lines at the oakland office. officials initially blamed the problem on communication issues with at&t and verizon. now they say it was actually a hardware problem with a state router. in any case customers we talked to today weren't happy. >> should be broadcast that it's down, should be on the television, we should be able to find out before getting here. >> most people who showed up today were turned away and told to reschedule. computers with back up and running by this afternoon. and tonight at 10:45 new car safety crash test results
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in and you may be surprised by the poor ratings of some luxury cars. >> new, a flap over new speed lights in one community is causing residents to cry foul. john is live to show us the light that at least one said are better suited for a wal- mart parking lot. >> reporter: we are on the arlington in the town center. this is where the controversy is the worst. the old lights looked like that, the new ones are higher and brighter. a hamlet in the hills. it has the feel of a town from a by gone era. >> feels very small town. not berkeley, not oakland. it's a lot of people haven't heard of it. >> reporter: now it has new street lights but here new isn't necessarily better. >> they aren't charming at all. they look like they would light a wal-mart parking lot. >> reporter: they have lived above the arlington for 30
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years and they have been upset. >> i'm pretty certain people are like -- like lie want to relace them with something more attractive. >> reporter: others agree the lights don't fit. >> it's a -- more of a freeway feel than a parking lot. >> reporter: the objections have been so loud pg&e stopped the project after putting in 42 of them with just 14 to go. >> we are doing all we can to make both the county and the community happy with the end result but we have to work together. >> reporter: the police chief and general manager said the residents had no say and would have opted for a more decorative light like this. >> we are having a meeting on the 27th to discuss the city with pg&e and approximate public works and hopefully resolve it. >> reporter: county supervisorrer said by phone he believed that pg&e was replacing the light was the more decorative ones but somehow it got mixed up.
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>> temperatures did cool off a bit today by a few degrees. some areas as much as ten degrees. these were the highs recorded today. 90 fairfield. that's down, concord 90, 72 vallejo. highs tomorrow, daytime highs cooler. more moisture, more fog and more cloud cover. high clouds going overhead tomorrow morning. the fog just off shore -- but model, fog at coast. it seems to want to deep area clear but i expect fog along ocean beach and pacifica. as the day goes on fog burns away and we see temperatures inland hot but look at all the cooling. that moisture and that cool air is still into the many of the inland bay valleys, another cool day. when i come back we will talk about further cooling in to the bay area weekend and have the five-day forecast with the weekend in view, back here in about 10:45. >> a northern california
11:51 pm
congress manage resigns, effective at midnight. and. >> i just want to tell them i forgive you but i want accountable. >> a mother's mission and the huge reward that's being offered. >> and a man killed in a bay
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11:53 pm
. five people displaced after a fire burned their apartment. it happened on pearl street around three. according to the spokesperson the cause of the fire is an over loaded electrical circuit. >> police have now identified a man who was killed last night in the small community of keningst east
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bay hills next to berkeley. it's only the third homicide in that town in the past 28 years. investigators say the 81-year- old was found stabbed to death in his home. he was a retired professor. police say that evidence at the scene led them to arrest a 56- year-old at her home less than two mile away. they say that the two may have been romanticly linked. >> a san francisco mother's relentless quest for justice had her putting flyers today, six years to the day after her son's death. the case has gone cold despite a 250,000-dollar reward. >> at 3:14 this afternoon the time her son was shot to death six years ago today paulette put flyers that asked people to come forward. with her sass the son's father and an investigator. the city is offering a 250,000- dollar reward for information. >> my son should have been
11:55 pm
burying me. it hurts me that i have to do this now. this is my life that i have to do this every day. i don't want to be in this club but i am. >> reporter: aubrey was shot multiple times in daylight outside his home. he was about to go into sessions senior year of high school. he a job, played basketball and had no record but the case is unsolved. >> for a shooting to be so brazen, and he was shot in the middle of the street during the daytime, we know that there has to be more people who saw it. i can say with 100% kent he wasn't the target. >> reporter: while the investigation may have stalled his mother has never let up she has stood outside city hall in the hall of justice, rain or shrine with her son's pictures refusing to let his case balloter dust. she said she won't stop until those responsible are caught. >> i just want to tell them i forgive you but i do want
11:56 pm
responsibility. i do want you to go to prison. i want you to think about what you have done. >> reporter: aubrey had told friends when he finished school he wanted to work with kids, police are asking anyone with information to please call them and there is also that reward. in san francisco, rob roth. ktvu channel 2news. >> central valley congressman announced he is resigning effective as of midnight tonight. in a statement he didn't site a reason for stepping down but he did tell a reporter he and his wife were facing parenting challenges. his district includes modesto, stockton and merced. voters will decide on who will replace him but until then his office staff plans to care of the district. >> paying a high price to live in silicon valley. the reason are you are paying $750 more a month in rent.
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. a group of homeowners rallied calling for a foreclosure freeze until california puts in the passed homeowners bill of rights. it happened on maxwell avenue. that's where several residents are struggling. the homeowners bill of rights starts in january. obviously times are still hard for a lot of people but in one part of the bay area there is so much demand that rental prices have gone up nearly 50%. matt keller says what is behind
12:00 am
all of this. >> reporter: silicon valley tech companies are causing the unemploy member rate to drop. new research shows they are causing rental prices to skyrocket. bedtime is fun time for the john family. >> it only has five. >> reporter: but finding a home to rent was a lot of work though google was paying for him to relocate. >> when we get the package as part of it and i saw it and was like great it's a mansion with a pool. then we looked it was like hopefully we get a yard. >> reporter: he is part of a job boom in the tech industry. it's causing a boom in rental prices. apartment just released new rear found prices in silicon valley are up $9,000 a year since january 2011. san francisco is up 5,000 a year. marquee property management serves the peninsula and said competition for rental homes
12:01 am
has never been morin intense. >> we have had properties rented in a day hundreds of dollars over asking price. >> reporter: apartment has seen asking rents on the peninsula jump 44% in the last 20 manies compared to a 19% increase in the high san francisco market. marquis property management has seen many priced out of the area. >> may want to be in palo alto or -- and now it's the areas that are the outlying fringe areas. >> reporter: the family finally found a job and move in on september 1st. >> no trying to slip a 50 across the table, please give us the place though i thought about it. >> reporter: they don't foresee prices going down any time soon. they say inventory is a big factor. reporting live in santa clara. matt keller.
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>> new numbers show the biggest increase in retail sales in five months. the department said sales rose .8% from june to july. that's the biggest jump since february. they say it's a good start to the second half of the year after reduced spending in each month of the april through june- quarter. despite the news stocks barely changed. the dow picked up nearly three points, nasdaq drops five and a half. facebook will be able to sell their stock starting tomorrow. that's when a lock out period expires for early investors and some directors. in all 271 million shares will be eligible. >> bankrupt company solyndra will pay a 3.5 million dollar settlement with it's employees. the settlement said they failed to properly tell about 1100 employees it was halting operations and shutting down.
12:03 am
they closed their doors in august of last year and filed for bankruptcy about a month later. >> on the campaign trail today it was energy that became the lightning rod that divided the republicans and the democrats. craig boswell reports on how the two are ramping up the rhetoric as they move closer to their convention. >> reporter: at a coffee shop, visitors got more than just a customer. the president stopped in on his way to speak to supporters at a event. it's the second day a three day bus tour across the state where he is calling out his rivals. >> we have a whole lot of differences. >> reporter: after hitting the team on the economy and taxes the president slammed them on energy, specifically wind. >> he said that new sources of energy like wind are imaginary. his running mate called them a fad. >> reporter: romneya racking up the miles to making several stops in ohio where he
12:04 am
criticized the president's energy poll civil. >> i see how he has been waging war on coal. . >> reporter: the nominee said that the administration's coal regulation has cost jobs. >> his vp said coal is more dangerous than terrorists. can you imagine that? this -- yeah. >> reporter: it's the final day of his bus tour of about a dozen cities across four states. his new running mate campaigned in colorado and then moved to nevada. >> the vice president is also on the road. republicans gather in two weeks in tampa. the democrats a week later in north carolina. in washington craig boswell. >> joe biden is known for a history of gaffes and today created a stir with his choice of words describing mitt romney's economic policies. >> he said in the first hundred days he will let the big banks write their own
12:05 am
rules, unchain wall street. he will put you all back in chains. >> reporter: the remark was met with some laughter at institute for advanced learning where many african americans were in attendance but republicans didn't like the remarks at all saying they were outrageous and a new low in the campaign. since romney picked paul ryan as his running mate the campaign war chest has grown substantially. campaign spokeswoman said they raised $7.4 million online with more than 101,000 donations since the ryan announcement was made on saturday. the republicans have $185 million in the bank much of which romney can't touch until he officially becomes the party's nominee. >> mile high voter registration debuted today as virgin american shows it's new service to washington's regan.
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the new flight will let people register to vote for the november election while in the air. the new flight will leave daily from san francisco. get the news to go. down load the app, click onto live icon and watch all the newscasts live there on the mobile device. >> a giant python. why it's sides continuity the only remarkable thing about the snake. and the home of the late steve jobs broken into. what the burglar made off with. . >> and backhoe in just ten a cooling has started. how much cooler for wednesday. the latest model that shows you.
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. ? southern california crews battling a fast moving brush fire. the fire was reported shortly before one today. officials say it quickly burned more than 1800 acres damaging three structures and forcing mandatory evacuations. the fire is just 5% contained. san francisco mayor met today with the owners of ocean avenue businesses that were damaged last week in a four alarm fire. ten bids in the neighborhood were damaged in that august 7th fire. the mayor told the owners he is exit committed to helping them recover. the cause appears to be accidental and was most likely sparked by roofing work. >> a man is under arrest tonight accused of robbing a palo alto home belonging to the family of steve jobs. police say that he told them he
12:10 am
hopped a fence and found a hidden cathay used to get inside and steal $60,000 of electronics, jewelry and champagne. police tracked him down after someone tried connecting to the internet on the stolen products. the home is being renovated. at that time police don't think he knew it belonged to the late steve jobs. >> bay area environmentists sued california today over delays in reaching an agreement over drinking water standards. that -- it's some of the highest levels of a cancer causing chemical. state law passed in 2004 was supposed to create the strictest stand afters but details are still being worked out eight years later. they say removing is hard and expensive. >> the risk of a conanymore nation, cancer risk and then constant and just the major things they are checking right
12:11 am
now. >> the department hadn't seen the lawsuit by this afternoon and didn't comment. >> in news of the world tonight in afghanistan a series of bombings claimed at least 45 people making this one of the worst days of the year. three separate bombings all happened in the usually peaceful city. another attack happened in a province in the northern part of the country. most of those killed were civilians including many who died while out shopping. in japan heavy rain has left one woman dead and two missing. the woman was found floating in a swollen canal. an elderly couple was listed as missing after their home was swept away. in rome a surprise find of a massive marijuana farm in a tunnel that ran near a vault of the italian central bank. officers found it in a hidden
12:12 am
area behind a mushroom company. in all 750 pounds of marijuana were taken with a street value of nearly four million dollars. officers say it was their noses that led them to find it. >> now to florida where researchers looking at a giant snake. the 17 and a half foot long snake was captured in the everglades, it's the largest one ever found in the state. it wide 160 pounds and was pregnant with 87 eggs. tens of thousands of pythons live in the everglades, florida is trying to get rid of them. some are released by their owners while others may have escaped. >> a jet that's said to fly at 4500 miles an hour. and the new crash tests exposing a weakness in many lu
12:13 am
12:14 am
12:15 am
. midsized luxury cars may not be as cuevas you may have though. in a new crash test merced es, lexus and -- all got poor ratings, the test aimed to try to repeat what happens when a car hits a fixed object at 40 miles an hour. you can go to the website to see the only three luxury car that passed the test as well as the entire report. you will find it under the remember links section. state lawmakers calling for an independent investigation in to the safety of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. the state senate transportation committee wants to test the foundation beneath the tower of the span. this after an investigation revealed that a caltrans worker
12:16 am
changed test results during construction. caltrans said that the bridge is safe. >> as the america's cup draws closer we have learned the sailing race will bring fewer teams and dollars than first hoped. david stevenson on what the organizers have to do to ensure the america's cup makes a big splash. >> reporter: the racing crew took their boat out for practice on the bay this afternoon. as crews raised to get ready for the america's cup world series. next week's races are an open to the 2013 competition that will feature bigger boats and stakes for the teams and cities. >> hard to tell how -- i know it'll be great, great economic impact. >> reporter: $1.1 billion. down slightly from the 1.4 billion projected when san francisco won rights to the race two years ago. also down the number of teams competing action five instead
12:17 am
of 15. a sports marketer said organize also need to do more to draw in people. >> it's got to be promoted, i think there are a lot of people that really don't know what's going on. it's -- you know a bit of an estoric sport. >> reporter: today portions of the maring green are being changed in to a ticketed viewing area. america's cup partnered the giants to sell tickets for $25. oers say they nearly sold out a thousand seats with plenty of other free spots along the green. >> we are trying to talk to people in the united states, people in california and around the world that this is a rare opportunity to see the best sailors in the world up close. >> reporter: the goal is to make this race accessible to build an anticipation for the main event next year. in san francisco, david stevenson. >> the air force today tested
12:18 am
a hyper sonic air craft today off the coast of california. we have animation of the unmanned plane designed to fly up to 4500 miles an hour. that's about six times the speed of sound. the air force would only confirm that the test was carried out today. results are expected to be released tomorrow if the jet works as hoped it could make it from new york to london in an hour. for comparison the concourse took three and a half hours. >> and welcome back. a cooler weather forecast. that will take us into wednesday. temperatures will come down another few degrees, winds blowing out on the bridge. gusting up to about ten miles an hour. the winds will coming on shore pretty heavy and that's helping the fires up in the north bay. helping all the fires because the next few days, northern half will cool off significantly as the weaker low pressure center moves in and changes the pattern.
12:19 am
we have been dominating by high pressure for about a week and temperatures have been hot but that's changing. we are getting cooler tomorrow. another five or six degrees. we dropped off today ten in places, that cooling will continue in to the weekend. cooling comes courtesy of the main -- the main thing is the low pressure but that takes the lid off the fog. the first thing is the low -- it comes in, the fog stretches out and throughout the rest of the week starting right now the fog will get deeper each night. toward the bridge you will see that fog higher over the tours, each day in to the bay area weekend. here we are tonight. we have fog showing up in san francisco and oakland and berkeley. tomorrow morning at six, pretty good coverage we will have fog in to the bay up toward san rafael. south toward fremont. it burns back to the coast by the afternoon and works back into tomorrow night. it's a little bit, not a lot but toward the weekend we will start to see more fog into the
12:20 am
counties. high pressure begins it weaken it cools down. today was warm. tomorrow cooler still, temperatures drop about four degrees into santa rosa. a few more degrees at livermore. cooling trend. not like what we normally see when we get a heat wave and then the fog comes back and we drop ten, degrees. the temperature drops will be sipping. it's just going to be a little bit each day. 93 livermore, 91 danville. gooder air quality -- i just said gooder. fire damage comes down and i'm just trying to say with this nice breeze that's kicking up less fire danger and gooder air quality and that's good. brown air lately. the five-day forecast in the bay area weekend in view shakes out. you -- just a slow kind of drop
12:21 am
off. >> good-looking forecast. nice and comfortable. thank you. >> the nationals have made it to the little league world series. the coaches just sent us these photographs where the series is being held. they beat out hawaii at regional tournament this past saturday. fund raisers now being held to race money for their families to travel to pennsylvania to attend the boy's games. the cost is estimated to be about $2,500 a person. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment.
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the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
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. a sea lion recovering is getting a new home at indianapolis zoo. he was found at moss landing in march. he is doing much better now but lost an eye. he made friends with another young sea lion also blinded by gun fire. >> mark is here with sports. giants in action tonight. >> yep. after last night it's a good thing. giant fans, freaking out. get a little reminder. no matter how many runs -- only
12:25 am
counts as one loss. turn the page and get over it and that means what they do. belting the nationals 6-1 as in brandon belt. deep left. just missed a homer. hunter pence will come into score the first giants run. belt however, base running blunder for him. right there. easily out at third and it wouldn't be his last. 1-0 and in the 6th with two on. belt again. he thought it was gone. good with the bad one more time as he will be thrown out at second. a run will score. madison make sure it won't hurt. five hits, complete game wins his 13th. there is your final out. 6-1 final. the dodgers won. san francisco remains tied for first. little pull by the a's. nothing happening at all for them in kansas city. looking to get fat against the
12:26 am
royals. not a lot of proud moments to send home about for oakland. josh donaldson. the highlight. nice fake on a ground ball. escobar bought it and he is gone between second and third. a five run 5th. parker, alex gordon in the middle of it. rolling right. didn't hit the cover off the ball but good enough. 3-0 kansas city at this point and this guy descaled it. another run combs home. a's only three hits getting shut out, get out the glass to find positives in a 3-0o pre- season loss last flight to the cowboys for oakland as close to unwatchable as anything you will ever not want to see. in dennis's unofficial debut as head coach, for the raiders,
12:27 am
bring it. a huge reminder as to how important the health of mcfadden is. injured much of last season and much to the -- hurt of the offense he plays one series last night. 18 yards on a swing pass, 16 off tackle makes everybody better including palmer who approved of having mcfadden in his back field. >> pretty special obviously. just great to have him in the huddle. great for the team to see him on the field. we want to feed him the ball. we will feature him in this offense. just excited to keep working with him and keep the chemistry going. >> palmer will have the benefit of a full training camp and it's going to bet better for them. >> can't get worse. thank you. >> thank you for trusting us. we will he so you the next time news breaks. >> the morning team
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